HK / HKI 5 Single-joint Couplings


HK / HKI 5…

Single joint couplings

  • For encoder attachments with offset
  • Play-free, torsion resistant and failsafe
  • Extends service life of encoders
  • Options: Isolated version (HKI 5)

Single joint couplings

Corrosion proof HK metal multiple disc couplings compensate an angular offset up to 0.5° and an axial misalignment up to ±1 mm as well as extending the service life of encoders in the process. Single joint couplings are available with different hub lengths and bore diameters in addition to isolated coupling versions for attachments where the risk of shaft currents is a concern.

Technical Data


Product usage
  • Compensate axial misalignment
  • Compensate angular offset
  • Isolate against existing bearing/shaft currents
Coupling specification
  • HK 5…: Stainless steel coupling
  • HKI 5…: Stainless steel coupling with plastic screws (electrically isolated)
Bore drive side Max. Ø 22 mm with keyway or clamp
Bore encoder side Max. Ø 22 mm with keyway or clamp
Outer diameter Ø 54 mm
Total length 42 – 68 mm
Mounting accuracy Angular offset: up to 0.5° / axial misalignment: up to ±1 mm
Maximum rotation 10000 rpm
Temperature range
  • HK 5…: -50 °C to +120 °C
  • HKI 5…: -40 °C to +110 °C
Shock resistance 10 g (briefly 100 g)
Vibration resistance 3 g (briefly 20 g)
Insulated against currents
  • HK 5…: No
  • HKI 5…: Yes
Mechanical options
  • Isolation against bearing/shaft currents (type HKI)
  • Larger diameter possible by means of adapter shaft
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