FG 2 / FGHJ 2 Optical Encoders


FG 2 / FGHJ 2

Optical encoders for standard drives in heavy industry

  • Hollow shafts up to Ø 17 mm, solid shaft Ø 11 mm (flange mounting)
  • Bigger bearing for greater load-bearing capacity
  • 600, 1024, 2048, 4096 pulses HTL / TTL, others on request
  • Options: Second incremental output, FOC transmitter, additional overspeed switch

Incremental encoders Overspeed switches

Optical encoders for standard drives

The incremental encoders FG 2 (solid shaft) and FGHJ 2 (hollow shaft) ensure the speed of standard, auxiliary and secondary drives is reliably measured. When attaching with an isolated coupling (solid shaft) or an isolating hybrid bearing (hollow shaft) they protect the drivetrain against damaging shaft currents. Short-term availability and additional options ensure they can be deployed in a wide variety of applications and are also suitable as simple replacement solutions for encoders supplied by third-party manufacturers. The axial terminal boxes offer sufficient space for straightforward wiring. The plug-in connectors are vibration-proof by design to ensure these are permanently secure even under extreme conditions.

Technical Data


Supply voltage 12-30 VDC
Signal amplitude HTL or TTL
Pulse rate 600, 1024, 2048, 4096 – others on request.
Output signals 0°, 90°, N and inverted signals
Maximum frequency
  • Solid shaft: up to 7000 rpm / 200 kHz
  • Hollow shaft: up to 6000 rpm / 200 kHz
Electrical connection
  • Terminal strip in a terminal box
  • Fixed cable (0.6 – 4 m)
  • Plug-in connection ITT Cannon (pin configuration compatible with comparable devices from third-party manufacturers following consultation)
    Options: Mating connector set comprising a 90° circular connection and EMC cable gland
  • FOC connector in a terminal box
Construction type / Ø shafts
  • Solid shaft (B5) / Ø 11 mm with feather key
  • Hollow shaft (isolated bearings) / Ø 12 mm, Ø 16 mm with clamp, Ø 17 mm with taper 1:10
Device temperature range
  • -25 °C to +85 °C
Degree of protection IP66
Weight Approx. 2 kg
Device options
  • S: Electronic overspeed switch; switching speed preset ex works
  • FOC: Signal transmission via fiber optic cable 50 / 125 μm or 62.5 / 125 μm
  • AKK: Second system with dedicated scanner and electronics for additional incremental output
Mechanical options Hollow shaft devices: Torque bracket (on request)
Special features and certificates
  • UL/CSA
  • FGHJ 2: Increased dielectric strength up to 3 kV (direct mounting to drive-controlled motors)



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